Hello! I'm a Newborn and Family Photographer based in Gilroy, CA. Below you will find some behind the scenes of my personal life and how I chose to be a full time photographer.
  It didn't take me a long time to realize photography was my real passion. I've always loved carrying my camera around to register my surroundings. I discovered very early how meaningful a photograph can be, and how many emotions and great memories it brings into my life. I've always enjoyed looking at photo albums my family collected over the years.

Born and raised in Brazil, I moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and decided to learn more about photography as my favorite hobby. I spent a lot of my days using my Nikon 35mm and developing photos in the dark room, and I decided I should invest more on learning how to photograph families and babies to transform my hobby into a career. This is how everything started. It took me a lot of  time, dedication, and gear investment to get to where I am now. I'm proud of what I've accomplished and how I'm so lucky to do what I absolutely love for a living.
  Personally, my favorite color is pink and so is my son's! I also love patterns, especially if it includes flowers. I'm married to a very supportive husband who does the dishes and accepts my feminist self. I'm a mom of  2 great kids (Luna and Julian) born 10 years apart who love each other dearly, but also challenge this busy mama all the time. They complete my soul and I love dedicating part of my life to them. I've been in remission from thyroid cancer since 2013 and now I treasure even more the small moments, nature, cuddling and the value of a photograph. I enjoy cooking, baking, listening to good music, nail polish, chocolate, cheese and wine. I take advantage of the late night editing in my quiet nook to watch my favorite Netflix series. My day off is usually Monday, and I love special lazy mornings with my family. Brazil is still where I have my roots and where I spend vacation time each year.

   Photographing people brought me so much joy and fulfillment, I don't know what I would do otherwise. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed looking through my portfolio. I'd love to register your family's special moments and make them last forever!

About Patricia

Newborn and Lifestyle Photographer