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12 Times: Personal Project 5/12 {Patricia Rossi Photography}

Welcome to my monthly project of personal photography! This month we are featuring laughter on our 12 times group.  Luna lover her stuffed animals and she is happy to be photographed whenever I offer her something special treat (usually candy) in exchange of good giggles…..Start your day laughing! Happy Wednesday!         Keep […]

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12 Times: Personal Project 4/12 {Patricia Rossi Photography}

Welcome to another installment of my personal monthly project. This month I’m happy to feature the newest reader in the house! We are both so proud and very enthusiastic about reading together, taking turns and discovering new words. Along with the reading comes the writing and lots and lots of cards and messages through the […]

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12 Times – Personal Project 3/12 {Patricia Rossi Photography}

Hi there! I haven’t had a chance to announce about my new website. Here you are at the Patricia Rossi Photography’s new look (hope you like it, because I LOVE it!!!!) I’m so excited, so if you want to take a look around, feel free to do so…..It’s all-in-one  site, where you will find portrait […]

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Twelve times {2/12} Be my Valentine

Because……. all you need is love, some flower aroma and a sunset light to go with it! Happy belated Valentine’s day  ?   Now head over to my adorable friend Haley from Haley Brooke Photography and she what is her take on this month project.  

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Twelve times: Personal project {1/12} – San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Hi all and welcome to 2012 project. Last year we had a great group doing our Project 52, but I have to confess kipping up with one theme every week was a bit too challenging! For this year I decided to take it easy and instead of 52 times, I’ll be working on 12 posts, […]

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